It Has Never

Been More Essential

to Get Fit and Healthy.

Your Life Depends On


20% Off All Personal Training

and EMS Bodytec!

Studies of the infected cases of Covid-19 have shown that the aged, and people with poor or compromised health and immune systems, are more susceptible to contracting the Covid-19 virus. 

 The stronger your respiratory and cardiovascular systems are the better chance you have of fighting off the virus

We can help you get and keep your cardio and respiratory system Strong, Fit and Healthy. Being a small private training studio we have the benifit of a very limited number of people in our training facility giving you peace of mind for your health.

Avoid the risk of exposure, join our Small, Private Virus Free Training Studio!

20% Off All Personal Training

and EMS Bodytec!



177 Princes Avenue Benoni South Africa 1501

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